Wholesale of Fruits and Vegetables Bukat

Proven supplier of fresh produce

20 years of experience has allowed us to thoroughly understand the expectations of our customers and develop long-term business partnerships with suppliers from all over the world, of which we are proud.

Our fruit and vegetable suppliers

Quality first

We work with proven suppliers from Poland and around the world

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We have business relationships with dozens of farmers, food producers and fruit and vegetable suppliers from around the world. Our extensive network of contacts gives us full independence and year-round access to local and exotic products.


We meet the needs of many industries



Catering companies

Conference centers


State facilities

Schools and kindergartens


Retail chains

Stationary stores


Production facilities

Area of operation

We serve all of central Poland

We make daily deliveries of fruits and vegetables in four provinces: the Mazovian, Lodz, Greater Poland and Lower Silesia.


years of experience


regular customers


orders per day


Polish capital


4500 m2 of refrigerated storage space

Highest storage standards

The Bukat warehouse near Warsaw meets the highest standards for storing fresh fruits and vegetables.

Flowpak packaging tape

Our state-of-the-art belt perfectly meets the diverse needs of our e-commerce and chain store customers. It enables efficient packaging of fruits and vegetables in food films, preparation of products on trays and fulfillment of special orders.


Expanded fleet of refrigerated vehicles

We have a modern fleet of 40 specialized delivery vehicles, providing a refrigerated draught of our products and on-time delivery to our customers' doors.

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